Curated News, Real-Time

Curated News, Real-Time Our App Series is designed to scan reliable sources for great Industry News content, presenting it to our users in a user-friendly and effectively designed iPad experience. Our Apps are designed to be the first and

Curated Content Sources

Curated Content Sources First we begin by researching and maintaining detailed customized lists of news sources to create what we believe is the best universe to monitor for real-time news updates. We continuously add and remove news organizations, columnists, journalists,

Proprietary Algorithm

Proprietary Algorithm Our proprietary marketPulse algorithm filters through all the content generated by our curated content sources to identify valuable articles and messages while weeding out low value retweets, replies and check-ins

The Best Content Delivered Real-Time

The Best Content, Delivered Real-Time For the User, the combination of great sources and a powerful sorting algorithm means consistently receiving interesting articles and dispatches continually delivered.  

Beautiful User Interface

Beautiful User Interface We designed from the ground up a User Experience and Interface which is intuitive, user-friendly and conducive to scanning headlines and reading content pleasantly and effectively.  


Breaking News is the free Introductory App to the series of Apps. – “My first stop when something is happening in the world. All the dispatches from all the major news outlets and some i would not have thought


Funny Today is a entertaining little App designed to bring the funny… — “Fun! Look at it every day! I hate putting together lists on twitter” — “All the funny videos, last thing i read on the iPad every day.


Today in PE is the top rated real time Private Equity news App on the AppStore. “Great App to keep up with deals and financing activity. Finally a professional use for my iPad” “One of the App I use constantly


One of the most comprehensive real time Financial Markets news App for iPad. — “Nice companion to Bloomberg and Marketwatch. Good mix of current news, what’s happening right now and long reads” — “When something is happening in the markets


Politics Today is the most comprehensive real time Politics news App on the AppStore. “One of the most useful work Apps I have on my iPad. Finally another App i use every day” “The best App for keeping up with


l’Appli d’Actualites sur la Politique Francaise la mieux notée sur l’AppStore. L’App pour iPad #politique livre en continu toutes les informations, les déclarations, les articles et les analyses sur le monde de la scène politique française. #politique est basée sur


Commodities Today is the top-rated Commodities Industry News on the AppStore. “One of the most useful work Apps I have on my iPad. Finally a professional use for my iPad” “With #commodities, I can keep abreast of current news, market